Install the functions of your company in a sustainable performance optimization.

You want to avoid the pitfall of short-term operations in potentially harmful crisis situations.

You want to enroll your company in a sustainable control of your operating costs and your operational performance.


Reduction of DSO (Daily Sales Outstanding)

Streamlining general services

Optimization of CAPEX & OPEX

Digitalization of business processes


“Let’s talk productivity, but also value”
  • Strengthen and share a detailed and robust reference of your operating costs to the overall business.
  • Carry out a sensitivity study to characterize the structuring cost drivers and activate the relevant optimization and performance levers: rationalization of a support function, arbitrage Insourcing / Outsourcing, selection, CAPEX / OPEX arbitrage, offshoring study.
  • A User Experience Approach (UX design) for a transformation which maximizes value for all internal and external stakeholders in your company.
  • A LEAN approach in process optimization and transformation with a cross-cutting and end-to-end vision.
  • Implementation of a PMO (LEAN OFFICE): Definition of KPIs process and results.

These 3 activities are prerequisites to prepare your company for the digitization of these processes.

  • Share (including your suppliers) a current, transversal and end-to-end vision of the processes to co-build a future vision.
  • Integrate into the objectives of each internal stakeholder its contribution, each transformation workshop, propose a system of incentives to your suppliers.
  • Recognize and value the effort of each of the parties with respect to its local objectives to help building a global performance.
  • Structure and organize a LEAN OFFICE which will act in CODIR of transformation of the company: governance of the transformation master plan, steering contributions of each function of the company (the purchasing function for suppliers) in the achievement of the expected results, and on each site.

Our stakeholders are consulting senior managers and operational in driving sustainable change and transformation of industrial plants and / or companies in various industrial sectors.