A successful industrial presence in France or Europe

You want to study brownfield or greenfield scenarios in France or the european union to support your industrial development strategy.

You wish to benefit from the services of a local office to carry out a research of potential targets as well as a control of your approach of acquisition of an industrial site.


Conduct industrial strategy studies and build a robust justification file for industrial GO / NOGO

Identify potential targets most aligned with your business and your industrial strategy France and Western Europe

Manage your acquisition process, from the formulation of the letter of intent (LOI) investor to the final transfer of ownership of the target industrial site.


“Operational steering closer to the field”
  • Maximize the business case risk analysis of your industrial strategy, your business plan by applying an analytical understanding of the performance of your target scenario
  • Carry out a more refined and robust characterization of the performance (ROI, TRI, profitability index)
  • Build and implement operational action plans to secure key conditions for success

We suggest you to enable local networks to identify targets “merger & acquisition” more in line with the scenario brownfield or greenfield integrated into your business plan

We select the most relevant consultancies and piloting their undertaking studies necessary to evaluate your target industrial plants and services required for the contracting of the transaction :

  • Due diligence financial, fiscal, social and operations
  • Environmental studies of the plant
  • Legal support of your discussions and negotiations with the ceding company’s social rights, authorizations and transfer for commercial and land contracts

SHOULD-COST ® et SPEC-TO-SHOULD-COST ® are registered methods from Improvalue