IBS has developed a range of services to support each of its clients over the long term in their transformation projects.


IBS supports each of its clients in their transformation projects.

Our expertise enables us to assist you in optimizing your strategic purchasing, to offer you Purchasing and Supply Chain training, to enable you to install a sustainable performance of your general services, and to rethink the competitiveness of your offers.

Furthermore, our international experience enables us to offer you support in opening a sales office, but also to manage your industrial establishment in France and Europe.

support for
your transformation projects

Our mission:  Support  our customers in transforming their operations.
Our services provide:


Our consultants produce tangible and measurable results every day. They intervene on an on-going basis at all levels of the company, from the director to the operator, from the manager to the expert.

Our values

The IBS culture is based on a strong commitment to each company, regardless of mission.
We are committed to respecting and promoting an inter-company Charter for Responsible Purchasing, which includes:


Fostering collaboration between major contractors and strategic suppliers


Reducing the risks of mutual dependence between contractors and suppliers


Ensuring the territorial responsibility of companies


Fine-tuning purchasing as a function and a process


Dealing with environmental issues


Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)



Listening to our customers and the markets every day makes us even more convinced of the importance of our main corporate values: openness, integrity and transparency.


IBS has acquired and continues to build on a strong knowledge of the business world and corporate life.

Complete follow-up

Thanks to our wide-ranging experience, we can assist all customers in their specific fields and provide comprehensive follow-up on projects.


Hervé Perrin

Co-founder IBS

With over 30 years professional experience, Hervé  has a broad background in technical expertise and team management, purchasing and procurement, project management, customer support and change management. He focuses on results and customers and brings a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to business.

Before turning to consulting, he worked in the automotive industry at Renault, Faurecia and Carrier Transicold, in the energy industry at Itron, and in the wine and spirits field at Pernod-Ricard.

During his career, he has managed teams in France and abroad and set up multi-cultural project teams in international environments. He has participated in task forces task forces for corporate strategy projects.

Since he joined the consulting business, he conducted missions to optimize customer performance in various industrial sectors and countries. He has developed strong expertise in project cost management and purchasing performance management.

Rithy Tep

Co-founder IBS

As a senior consulting professional, Rithy has extensive experience in conducting strategic projects involving Design-To-Cost, purchasing and economic performance approaches. He has achieved tangible optimization results in various sectors such as automotive, transport, aerospace, nuclear, and biomedical.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Rithy built his professional background through various positions related to cost management and purchasing management in the automotive industry.

As head of a consulting center for business excellence, Rithy has developed solutions that blend multiple types of expertise to support customers who seek sustainable competitive advantages through innovation.


Dong Jiang Liu

Co-founder IBS & Senior Advisor

Dong Jiang Liu’s profession experience spans more than 15 years.

He started his career with ERP/MRP/PDM systems at SINOPEC Group in China. Since then, he has worked as a Purchasing Engineer / Cost Analyst  for several companies successively in France such as ATEXIS, Renault-Nissan Alliance and ON-X.

By identifying both technical and economic cost drivers in various industrial sectors, he enabled customers to decrypt quotations from suppliers, fix target prices and streamline the procurement cost of global sourcing, especially between France and China.

In addition, as a highly skilled economist with an engineering background, he is adept at using costing methods (i.e. Design-to-Cost & Redesign to Cost, Value Analysis/Engineering, PUSH/PULL, virtual factory modeling) to correlate technical specifications with cost breakdowns.

He is author of “Do you overdesign?” and “Chinese Automobile Industry Intelligence”.

Olivier Lecoutre

Senior Advisor IBS
Transformation & Performance

Olivier – IAE & ESSEC- assists companies and organizations in their seek of performance

He spent 18 years in the automotive sector, holding several positions in the financial, human resources and purchasing departments

He acquired an extensive experience in operational excellence programs and transformation plans acquired through 10 years of consulting

Relying on his deep knowledge in cost control and project management, he implemented cost optimization plans by promoting design-to-cost methods and a collaborative approach

Olivier is expert in purchasing and experienced in setting-up and adapting procurement organizations in multiple sectors. He provided education for MBA programs

For the last 4 years, he directed the transformation program of Altran France & Belgium, helping the leader of the engineering and innovation to drive business growth and profitability

Now, as a senior advisor, he collaborates with consultancy agencies, supporting his clients to reach operational excellence and achieve their transformation.