Open a commercial representative office based in France and Europe

As a non-European company,

You want to benefit from an office located in France and Europe, to build and extend your business development action plan

You want to offer TO BOTH your active and potential customers, a commercial benefit of proximity, both geographical and cultural


Define a business development plan France and / or Europe

Organize the operational and logistic deployment of your commercial action plan with your potential industrial clients

  • Bidding answers,
  • Supplier development customer processes,
  • Quality or procurement issue resolution


“A technical and commercial service”

We bring together the experience and know-how of senior practitioners who will know how to:

  • make you benefit from their knowledge of the local actors and industrial sectors
    • their culture and industrial specificities in terms of quality and regulation
    • their needs and requirements in terms of purchases of industrial services
  • making the right alignment between the activities and needs of your potential customers and the know-how and values of your company
  • Our local presence and our knowledge of local operators allow us to organize for you a program of efficient and effective business meetings.
  • The cultural proximity of our senior consultants with the engineering offices and purchasing departments of local industrial stakeholders allows us to help you build a tailored industrial and financial response to meet the strategic challenges of their tenders.
  • The know-how of our senior consultants also puts us in capacity :
    • to be the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) not only commercial but also industrial with your customers
    • to help you manage the transformation of your industrial organization to make it compliant with the KPI’s of supplier development processes for your potential customers
    • to manage with you and close to your customers the resolution of incidents quality product or provision of supply