Identifying and implementing operational purchasing and sourcing levers characterized by Should Cost ® ImprovalUE studies.

You want to implement with your suppliers a collaborative approach of performance research.

You want to build and deploy an ambitious sourcing strategy to support the technological shift of your industrial solutions.


  • Training in SHOULD COST ® PUSH-PULL ® methods
  • Back office support or co-hosting of negotiation discussions, economic transparency or re-design-to-cost (DTC) workshops
  • Piloting (use of a specific PMO tool) and coaching of purchasing cost optimization plans on all strategic purchasing commodities
  • Scouting domestic, nearshore, offshore
  • RFI management & pre-qualification suppliers (anonymous or with an official mandate)
  • RFP / RFQ management & sourcing recommendations (anonymous or with an official mandate)
  • Supplier development management in reaching and respecting your requirements and quality process


« Tooled and collaborative purchases »
  • Building and piloting the deployment of a strategic vision at 3 years, whether it is a panel entry, a development, or a panel exit
  • Being the guarantor that your company speaks with one voice through all internal stakeholders
  • Substituting in the posture of factual exchanges and trades that demonstrate to your supplier that you represent a mature interlocutor with whom to build a sustainable performance
  • Apply an analytical approach of cost decomposition to
    • share with your provider a common vision of drivers of economic performance of the execution of the contract signed with him
    • establish a roadmap for optimizing this economic performance
    • finely measure the impact of optimization levers investigated throughout a design-to-cost approach.
  • Identify the key cost drivers that can be negotiated with the supplier and those that are inherent to its investment choices and that can only be worked in the context of an opening of the suppliers panel
  • Educational projects built to specifically address your activities and needs
  • Sessions by senior practitioners in the areas of cost management and purchasing
  • Our stakeholders are senior professionals in the management of commodities throughout the macro-purchasing process: family strategy, supplier strategy, supplier development, contract execution management as part of overall business performance review with the supplier .
  • Our stakeholders are focused on added-value and on the contribution to the purchasing strategy in the company’s strategy : Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization, supplier risk management, integration of outsourced innovations in the value chain, sustainable purchasing and CSR

SHOULD-COST ® et SPEC-TO-SHOULD-COST ® are registered methods from Improvalue